Why is trading gold popular?

Gold has been the most highly desired of the world’s precious metals since ancient times, coveted for both its cultural and financial value. It was integral to valuation of the world’s currencies well into the 20th century, intrinsically linked to the price of the US dollar until the 1970s.

  • Plan your trading
  • Analyse the market
  • Learn what moves gold
  • Trade mining stocks
  • Consider a gold ETF

what is SAM Gold?

Digital Currency

You can now trade and get a safe, real value digital currency equivalent to 1 gram of gold.


Our priority is to ensure the highest levels of security and protection to provide safe transactions.


To achieve competitive service for our customers and to be the first digital currency traded

Easy to use

Stay on top of your trades on gold with our best-ever web platform


Gold Trading

SAM Gold allows you to easily trade securely starting from 1 gram of gold,This means that trading in SAM Gold does not require high experience in this area and you can get help at any time from the SAM Gold team to answer all your questions on how to get started.

Transfer Between SAM Gold Accounts

It is normal that there are costs and fees in remittances especially international ones, but SAM Gold has created the solution for you, you can transfer between SAM Gold accounts for free around the world at any time without any complications.

Saving And Increasing Income  

You cannot predict the future ! so one of our most important goals is to ensure your future within tremendous economic changes. So you can easily guarantee your future with SAM Gold trading and saving, we provide you with the SAM Gold store's private and secure savings service.

Mobile Application Gives More Flexibility

Now with SAM Gold application you can benefit from all our services with all flexibility and follow your SAM Gold account ,you can download the application via Google Play and Apple Store. 

Rules & Regulations

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